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Owner & Executive Chef

Meet Aaron Williams

I, Aaron Williams owner of Chicago’s Jerk Tacos LLC & Chicago’s Comfort Catering am a Chicago native who lives by the Golden Rule and believe this to be the most universal work and life philosophy, therefore I decided to make this philosophy the foundation for my life. I’ve adapted to this philosophy because I believe it develops strong relationships and I find that to be the key to true success.

(Golden Rule: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.)

I have over a decade experience in hospitality and food service. Some of my hobbies include cooking with my family, baking desserts, hosting family holiday parties, listening to music, creating new inventions, and serving the elderly.

Chicago’s comfort catering was born by combining my families roots in southern states bringing southern style recipes with a modern northern twist from us settling and growing in the fast pace inner city of Chicago. While in the hospitality industry I’ve develop a few keen habits of not being able to cook in an unsanitary kitchen and I must clean as I cook. Cleanliness is a top priority in my production.

I come from a long line of cooks and bringing comfort to individual through food runs in my family. My mother was taught to cook by my grandmother and my father. I learned my basic cooking skills at home from my mother and grandmother cooking for family and close friends. I began my journey cooking for others at the young age of 10 cooking along side my grandmother at senior day centers ran and organized by churches in the Englewood Neighborhood of the South Side of Chicago. During this time, I discovered my passion for cooking.

Going into adulthood I continued to pursue that passion on a more professional level by opening Old Chicago’s and becoming their main line cook. My passion for entrepreneurship prevailed in this position once I became a trainer for the Crafts Works Holdings corporation. Preceeding that I became a main line cook for Drake’s, of Bluegrass Hospitality Group.

Working in this field I realized I also had a passion for tending to the elderly so at that point I decided to take my talents to Springhurst Pines Health and Rehabilitation, of Baptist Homes Corporation. While employed there I began my adventures into entrepreneurship by diving into another hobby of mines and selling baked goods. In the mist of selling baked goods I met a wonderful woman who introduced me into the business world of catering, resulting in me being able to wholesale my baked goods to United Catering LLC.

This business relationship developed and led to me becoming the Kitchen manager of United Catering in less than a year. While employed for United Catering I began to further feed my entrepreneurship hunger and self-development by building my own brand as a food vender and licensed caterer.

My career there led me to feed a lot of Louisville’s corporations including but not limited to Bobby Petrino Foundation and UofL football team, LG&E, Ford’s UAW, Louisville’s Governors Ball, Belle of Louisville, Spirit of Jefferson, & Mary Miller public cruises, Louisville Bats, Cincinnati Reds, Eventualities, Louder than Life, & Bourbon & Beyond festivals, Weddings, including(University of Louisville Basketball champion) Luke Hancock’s, and a host of other banquets, corporate events, and foundations.

My passion and experiences have led me to where I am today, focused on providing Louisville with top quality, unique, local catering and food vending services options for all events.

Owner & Executive Chef

Aaron Williams

Owner & Executive Chef

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